Say Yes to the Dress: A Comprehensive Guide to Choosing the Perfect Clothing for Special Occasions

Say Yes to the Dress: A Comprehensive Guide to Choosing the Perfect Clothing for Special Occasions

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Know Your Budget

The clothing you choose is an ego boost but can also be expensive. It is important to know your budget so you can shop smoothly. Some people recommend setting aside five percent of your income for clothing. While this might not be a realistic option for everyone, there are many ways to stretch your dollars and still feel good about the clothes you wear. You can use Journeys coupons and get the best deals on your favorite retailers. Calculating the cost-per-wear of each item in your wardrobe is another way to ensure you’re getting your money’s worth. It is easy to do by dividing the total price of an item by how many times you wear it. It will help you determine whether something is a worthy investment or if you should save on a specific garment.

Another great way to budget your clothing purchases is by digging through your closet for pieces you can repurpose for special events. Asking a generous, stylish friend to borrow a dress for a gala or wedding can save you from spending money on an outfit you’ll only wear once.

Know Your Size

There is no universal sizing standard for clothing, so knowing your measurements can help you find the best fit. It’s true for online shopping since most sites offer sizing charts, and some even ask you to answer a few questions regarding your body type. Keep the tape measure a bit loose when measuring yourself, and remember to record your waist and hip size. Stand upright and bend to the side for your waist, finding where your natural waist creases. Typically, this is about midway between the crotch and belly button. Place a pair of pants you love wearing on your body for your hip measurement and measure from the top of the waist down to the bottom of the pant leg.

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Keeping your measurements handy also helps when shopping in person, as you can easily compare your measurements to the store’s sizing chart. Most stores will say on their website if they tend to run big or small, and it’s helpful to pay attention to reviews from other customers who have bought the product.

Know Your Shape

Whether you’re looking for clothing that flatters your curves or want to look proportionate, knowing your body shape is an important first step. Knowing how to judge fit is also a good idea since many items can look great from the front but be unflattering from the back. The most common ways to determine body shape are by taking measurements and observing your proportions. Typically, you’ll measure your shoulders, bust, waist, and hips. You can use a mirror to get a full-length view of yourself and make notes about the widest areas, such as your hips or bust.

Once you’ve taken these measurements, refer to the body shape guides below to see your figure’s characteristics. However, remember that there are five different types, and you will unlikely fit neatly into one of the categories. For instance, you may have the proportions of an hourglass but broad shoulders characteristic of a pear or inverted triangle. It’s also possible to be long- or short-waisted. It’s okay to combine body shapes or change your body shape after gaining or losing weight.

Know Your Personality

The more you know yourself, the better choices you’ll make in life. From real psychological assessments to just-for-fun quizzes, personality tests can be thought-provoking and insightful — but stay focused on the results. Make a list of the characteristics that best sum up who you are. You can find lists online or ask family and friends to help you develop adjectives specific to you. Try incorporating words that describe positive aspects of your personality, such as determinedness, hard work, and caringness, or negative traits, such as stubbornness and impulsiveness.

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The 16 Personalities test focuses on four broad categories: extraversion and introversion, sensing and intuition, thinking and feeling, and judging and perceiving. It also explains how your personalities play out in different situations and relationships. The free test takes about a minute to complete. 

Know Your Style

You should know your style and what you want from your clothing selection. Rather than honing in on what you don’t like, focus on what you do. For example, choose flattering silhouettes highlighting your figure if you have curves. A sleeveless tank and a maxi skirt work well for a curvy body shape, as does a dress or suit with sleeves. Ensure the piece isn’t baggy and doesn’t pull at the wrong places. It’s also important to check how the item looks from behind.

If you need to figure out your style, brow fashion blogs and online magazines. You can also find outfit ideas on Instagram and Pinterest. If you notice any outliers, consider that your style may evolve in a new direction. It can be an exciting prospect, and it’s worth pursuing. You should also take a hard look at your closet. See if you can identify themes like color, shapes, and other similarities.