How Lingerie Has Evolved In Favor Of Comfort

Remember the trend in the 1990s when Madonna and other stars wore underwear as outerwear? Or how about the corsets of the past that were said to damage internal organs from being worn so tight? Fortunately, the best underwear for women has undergone a huge transformation over the years. Women are no longer constricted by uncomfortable lingerie. Today, women have a wide variety of underwear options to fit their lifestyle, shape and look.

Looking at Historical Undergarments

Understanding the history of women’s underwear can help you see how the culture has evolved. The corset and petticoat changed the shape of a woman’s figure. Many garments were designed to preserve a woman’s modesty. Pantaloons, popular in the 1870s, were made to cover a woman’s legs and ankles as skirts got a little shorter. A few decades later, women wore stockings to cover their legs as dress hemlines got even higher. In the 1970s, fashionistas started wearing lingerie made of luxurious fabrics.In the past few years, lingerie transformed from being something you wore to make you sexy for someone else, to something you wear for yourself to feel good and comfortable.

Saying no to restrictions

Modern lingerie is being designed to let women be comfortable and confident, instead of changing their appearance with constricting underwear of the past. From wearing cotton underwear women or silk bras, women have more options than ever before. Even shapewear is being made with softer fabrics and fewer seams to allow the material to move with the body for comfort instead of constraint. Women want to look good but not at the expense of restriction.

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Prioritizing Soft Fabrics

Lingerie enjoyed a new look in the 1960s when the babydoll style dominated the market. The playful look was certainly youthful, but it was also soft and cozy. As women demanded less bulky and less painful underwear, lingerie emerged that was made with softer fabrics, both natural and synthetic materials. Today’s brands carefully select fabrics and fasteners so that the finished item doesn’t hurt or cause irritation when worn. Many materials are designed to be more functional without giving up any comfort.

Enjoying a Natural Look

Modern underwear comes in a wide variety of colors, styles and shapes. Whether you want to wear an unlined bra or sports bra, you can find one to suit your lifestyle. Brands are more open to creating bras that match skin tones, from very light to dark, so every woman can look their best. Body positivity has certainly impacted the lingerie market, giving women of all sizes more options. Models of all ethnicities, ages and sizes are celebrated on the lingerie runway, making all women feel celebrated.

Lingerie has certainly changed over the past century. Sexy is no longer defined as showcasing assets, but as how you feel in your clothes and underwear. Women no longer have to push up or hide their cleavage as part of their daily routine. Choose underwear for comfort and function when you shop with a company that puts fit first.