Cosmetic Trends: Gen Zs and Their Makeup Statement

Gen Zs

Every generation goes through its cultural emergences and based on that comes an attempt where the new generation tries to break the barriers and follows a recent trend which caters to their need. 

Every generation changes its fashion and makeup statement, setting a new market trend to cater to this new segment. For example, GenZs no longer feel a taboo about plastic surgery and are willingly taking part if they want to augment any part of the body. The most significant push in this sector is that men undergo surgeries to get aesthetic features. 

In this article, we will look at the modern aspects shaping the cosmetic trends among Gen Zs. 

  1. Clean Beauty

People from this generation are more conscious about the products they use and, therefore, look for natural ingredients and choose products with those qualities. Modern surgery products have procedures that can achieve the goal of clean beauty. Cosmetic surgeons in Newport Beach or at their locations can help them to achieve the desired goal. 

In the aftercare procedure, surgeons suggest using products devoid of harsh chemicals and sulfate-free. Brands also invest in R&D and catering to this market using floral and other natural products. 

  1. Minimalistic Makeup

Gen Zs are no longer interested in doing tone makeup but are more comfortable showing the skin’s natural state. The concept of fairness in look is slowly getting sidetracked, and brands no longer promote their products by claiming that it will make people look fair. 

Hence comes the minimalistic approach to makeup, shifting from providing heavy layers to using tinted moisturizers for light coverage and makeup. 

  1. Gender-Inclusive Beauty
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It is the Gen Zs who are popularizing the concept of gender-inclusivity in this decade. Men are similarly catered by the brands that make products exclusive to men. Hence, it breaks the age-old beauty norms and embraces products catering to both genders. 

Various shades and formulations are created to cater to men and their skin tones. Many companies make unisex products that both men and women can use, forming valuable outcomes for both genders. 

  1. Skinimalism

It is the attempt where people aim to achieve a natural, radiant complexion by focusing on skincare procedures to help them achieve that. Under it comes the non-surgical procedures, which also help to keep the skin much brighter and devoid of wrinkles. 

Some treatments involve Dysport in Newport Beach or at their location, which helps them remove lines and spots from a large area. This treatment removes lines from the forehead and helps provide wrinkle-free skin, enhancing natural beauty. 

Botox treatment is another popular non-surgical procedure that helps get even-toned skin and removes pimples and wrinkles from the skin, making you look younger. 

  1. DIY and Creative Makeup

The makeup trend gets popular from Instagram and TikTok, and Gen Zs adopt those trends to create unique makeup that will show their affinity. Gen Zs spend on DIY and creative toolboxes to follow these trends, allowing them to incorporate the changes as per the trends effectively. 

These are some of the patterns that Gen Zs are doing differently from previous generations, creating a new market that brands are now focusing on. 

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