Player Dejan Kulusevski: Spurs’ new morning star

Player Dejan Kulusevski: Spurs' new morning star

In the competitive world of football, finding and developing young talent is always important. Dejan Kulusevski – a young Swedish player, has quickly emerged as a potential young star with diverse abilities and great impact on the field. His excellence is not just his individual technique but also the way he makes a difference for each team he joins. Learn more at Xoilac TV!

Player Dejan Kulusevski: Spurs’ treasure

Dejan Kulusevski is a Swedish football player of North Macedonian descent who currently plays for the Tottenham club in England’s top league – the Premier League and the Swedish national football team as a winger.

Biographical and career information

Born on April 25, 2000, Kulusevski started his career at Atalanta Club in Italy. However, the important milestone of his career was when he was loaned to Parma during the 2019-2020 season. Here, he demonstrated his ability through his versatility, intelligence of movement and technical ability, along with his ability to score goals.

After his success in Parma, Kulusevski attracted the attention of many big teams, and finally, he joined Juventus in the summer of 2020. Here, although he could not shine from the beginning, he was still gradually proving his value in the “Lao Ba” squad.

At Juventus, Kulusevski continued to demonstrate his versatility and creativity. Although he sometimes had difficulty adapting to the strengths of his new team, he still maintained his form and continuously improved.

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Kulusevski: Spurs treasure

Made a name for himself at Tottenham Hostpur

Kulusevski has officially joined Tottenham on loan until the end of the season. Transfer expert Fabrizio Romano confirmed the success of this deal. The loan contract also has a buyout clause, creating prospects for a long-term association between Kulusevski and Tottenham.

This buyout clause will become “mandatory” if Kulusevski plays the required number of matches, or helps Tottenham finish in the Top 4 at the end of the season. Kulusevski himself also agreed to a 5-year contract with Spurs if the buyout clause is activated. The loan fee for this deal is 5 million euros.

Kulusevski will fly to Tottenham in the next few hours to complete the paperwork. This 21-year-old Swedish player becomes Tottenham’s first rookie in the winter of 2022.

He has quite a relationship with Tottenham and coach Antonio Conte. Spurs’ current technical director, Fabio Paratici, is the one who brought the Swedish winger to Juve for 35 million euros with 10 million in add-ons. At that time, Conte also really wanted Kulusevski at Inter. Last season, Kulusevski scored 7 goals in 47 matches. This season, his form has declined and he has only scored 2 goals in 27 matches.

Ability and playing style

Kulusevski has a muscular appearance, quick speed and skillful technique. He is capable of playing in many different positions on the offensive line such as attacking midfielder, wing striker or even center striker. This versatility makes him a valuable resource for any coach.

With his talented left foot and smart playing ability, Kulusevski often creates opportunities for his teammates and puts great pressure on the opponent’s defense. He has the ability to dribble, cut into the middle from the wing and even create decisive penetrations from a striker position. The ability to take free kicks, corner kicks and assists are also strengths that he brings.

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Achievements & Trophies

Player Kulusevski during his career had the following titles:


  • Coppa Italia: 2020-2021
  • Supercoppa Italiana: 2020


  • Best young player in Serie A: 2019-2020

Achievements and titles

Potential and prospects

Kulusevski is highly regarded with great potential and the ability to become a top player in the future. His versatility, speed and technique have made a difference and impressed the football community.

With his continued development while playing for big clubs like Juventus, it is hoped that Kulusevski will achieve even greater success in the future and win more trophies and make significant contributions to the club. and his national team.

With his current performance at Tottenham, he is increasingly proving himself to all viewers around the world. He will definitely improve and shine even more in the future.

Potential and prospects

Potential destination and plans of player Kulusevski in the future

Below are some potential landing spots for Kulusevski according to Xoilac TV:

Long-term companion with Spurs

Tottenham Hostpur will find every way to permanently buy Kulusevski from Juventus. He has found himself a suitable playing environment to learn and shine. There is no reason why Spurs won’t give him a long-term contract in the near future.


With the information given by bookmaker xoilac TV –, we can see that Dejan Kulusevski is not only a young player outstanding with technique and speed, but also a smart, flexible and creative player. . The diversity of his playing style is a great source of inspiration for his fans and a source of inspiration for other young players. With continued development and maturity, Dejan Kulusevski promises to be an important player, a highlight in the next generation of young players in world football.

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