João Félix: The Portuguese gem promises to explode at EURO 2024

João Félix: The Portuguese gem promises to explode at EURO 2024

In the new generation of world football, João Félix’s name shines like a bright star in the European football sky. With his superior talent and bold playing style, the Portuguese player has left a strong mark in the hearts of fans and is a formidable opponent for any opponent on the field. Let’s explore João Félix’s colorful journey with Xoilac TV through this article.

João Félix: The gem of Portuguese football

João Félix: The gem of Portuguese football

In the starry sky of Portuguese soccer, João Félix shines brightly like a precious gem. Born in Viseu in 1999, this young man soon showed a strong passion for football. Starting his career at Os Pestinhas, Félix’s talent was quickly noticed by Porto scouts and he joined the youth training facility of this famous team.

Career turning point

However, the big turning point in Félix’s career came when he moved to Benfica in 2015. Here, under the guidance of coach Rui Vitória, Félix took to water like a fish and quickly asserted his position in the team. one. The 2018/19 season was Félix’s explosive season. He scored 20 goals and 11 assists in 43 matches, making a major contribution to helping Benfica win the Liga NOS championship. This impressive form helped Félix catch the eye of Atletico Madrid and he joined the Spanish team for a record transfer fee of 126 million euros.

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At Atletico Madrid, Félix had many difficulties adapting to the tight defensive style of coach Diego Simeone. However, he still showed his excellent technical qualities and great potential. In the 2022/23 season, Félix was loaned to Chelsea and is gradually regaining his impressive form.

International career

International careerbelong to Felix

Internationally, Xoilac TV rates Félix as an important part of the Portuguese team. He played 22 matches and scored 4 goals for the national team. Félix is ​​part of the Portuguese squad participating in UEFA Nations League 2019 and EURO 2020.

With skillful personal technique, skillful dribbling ability and sharp tactical thinking, João Félix is ​​considered one of the most promising young players in the world. He is considered the “new Cristiano Ronaldo” and is expected to become a pillar of Portugal in the future.

Below are some of João Félix’s outstanding achievements:

  • Liga NOS champion (1): 2018/19
  • UEFA Europa League champion (1): 2018/19
  • Golden Boy Award (1): 2019
  • Best Young Player in Portugal (1): 2019

With his talent and potential, João Félix promises to achieve even more success in the future. This young man is the pride of Portuguese football and one of the most watchable players in the world today.

Expect João Félix to shine with Portugal at EURO 2024

Expect João Félix to shine with Portugal at EURO 2024

With impressive achievements in the past, João Félix is ​​expected to become a “star” leading Portugal at EURO 2024.

Currently, Félix is ​​playing for Chelsea on loan from Atlético Madrid. After a not so smooth start in La Liga, he is gradually regaining his previous peak form. Félix’s impressive form at Chelsea is a positive signal for Portugal ahead of EURO 2024.

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With his skillful personal technique, skillful dribbling ability and dangerous finishing shots, Félix is ​​considered the “successor” of Cristiano Ronaldo in the Portuguese team. The ability to move intelligently and coordinate smoothly with teammates promises to turn Félix into a dangerous “spearhead” in Portugal’s attack.

With the presence of João Félix, and a group of talented players such as Bernardo Silva, Bruno Fernandes, Diogo Jota, Portugal is considered one of the strong candidates for the EURO 2024 championship.

Let’s look forward to the explosive performance of “golden boy” João Félix in the upcoming tournament, promising to bring eye-catching performances and beautiful goals to fans.


Summary with Xoilac TV – , João Félix is ​​not only a talented player, but also a symbol of determination and relentless effort. With his undeniable achievements and contributions, he has been contributing to the success of the teams he plays for. Please continue to follow and support João Félix in the next steps of his promising career.