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Thomas Müller

In the modern world of football, there are players who are not only famous for their talent and achievements on the field but also impress with their uniqueness and versatility. And in that list of stars, it is impossible not to mention Thomas Müller – a living legend of German football. With an impressive career and unique personality, Müller has left a deep mark not only in the history of Bayern Munich but also in the hearts of football fans around the world Xoilac TV.

Thomas Müller there?

Learn aboutThomas Müller there?

When mentioning Thomas Müller, people often immediately think of the legendary “Raumdeuter” (space reader), the most outstanding “Raumdeuter” in football history. Not possessing breakthrough speed or skillful personal technique, Müller conquered the world with his ability to move intelligently, subtle observation and sharp scoring instinct.

Born in Weilheim, Germany in 1989, Müller started his career at the Bayern Munich youth academy. His talent was soon revealed and he was quickly promoted to the first team in 2009. Since then, Müller has become an indispensable part of the “Gray Tigers” squad and the German national team.

Contributions to the German team

Müller’s international career began in 2010, when he was called up for the World Cup. At this tournament, Müller made a strong impression with 5 goals and 3 assists, helping Germany win 3rd place overall.

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Müller continued to shine at Euro 2012, where he scored 3 goals and was voted into the tournament’s best team.

In 2014, Müller and the German national team won the World Cup convincingly. He played excellently throughout the tournament, scoring 5 goals and assisting 4 times, and won the “Golden Shoe” title.

Euro 2016 was an unsuccessful tournament for Müller and the German national team when they were eliminated from the group stage. However, Müller still showed his class with 2 goals.

At the 2018 World Cup, Müller continued to participate in the German national team. Although he is no longer as impressive as before, he still scored 1 goal and contributed 2 assists.

To date, Müller has played for the German national team 121 times, scoring 44 goals and 40 assists. He is the second highest scorer in the history of the German national team, only behind the legendary Gerd Müller.

Personal achievements

With impressive performances, Müller has received many noble and personal honors including:

  • Best young player of the 2010 World Cup
  • Golden Boot World Cup 2010
  • Bundesliga best player (2 times)
  • Bundesliga top scorer (4 times)
  • 8 times Bundesliga champion
  • 2 times UEFA Champions League champion
  • 1 time World Cup champion
  • 1 time FIFA Confederations Cup champion

Xoilac TVhttps://xoilactv.lat/  fight price Thomas Müller is one of the world’s best players of his generation. With great contributions to Bayern Munich and the German national team, Müller deserves to be considered a legend of German football.

The 2010 World Cup miracle and its impressionsby Thomas Müller

The 2010 World Cup miracle and the marks of Thomas Müller

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Müller’s name flashed at the 2010 World Cup. At that time, only 20 years old, he scored 5 goals and had 3 assists, helping Germany finish 3rd. Müller received the title “Outstanding Young Player”. “and “Golden Shoe” – resounding achievements that confirm his talent.

Since then, Müller has become an indispensable pillar of the German team. He participated in 3 World Cups (2010, 2014, 2018) and 2 EUROs (2012, 2016), scoring a total of 44 goals and 40 assists in 121 matches. Müller was an important part of the “Die Mannschaft” squad that won the 2014 World Cup, a historic victory that is considered the “Belo Horizonte miracle”.

Thomas Müller -The fire is burning towards EURO 2024

Thomas Müller – The burning fire towards EURO 2024

Even though he has turned 35, Müller still maintains impressive form. In the 2022/23 season, he scored 14 goals and assisted 21 goals for Bayern Munich. With sharp goal-scoring instincts, sophisticated technique and excellent team coordination, Müller promises to be a dangerous trigger for the German team at EURO 2024.

Müller’s return after 2 years of absence from the national team brings great hope to German fans. Müller’s desire to win, team spirit and extensive playing experience will be an inspiration for young players.

EURO 2024 will be the stage for Müller to affirm his class and leave a brilliant mark. The legendary “Raumdeuter” promises to burn brightly, leading “Die Mannschaft” to conquer glory on home soil.


At Xoilac TV – https://xoilactv.lat/, Thomas Müller is not only an excellent player but also a symbol of enthusiasm and dedication in his football career. With all the success and joy he brought to both club and national team, Müller will forever be one of the eternal legends of world football.

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