How to Select the Perfect Bag for Different Occasions

How to Select the Perfect Bag for Different Occasions

You’re almost ready to head out the door but then you look in your wardrobe and stare blankly at a variety of different bags. You love them all and that’s why they’re in your wardrobe in the first place. But choosing the right bag for the right occasion seems like a challenge. Good thing we’ve compiled some tips for you!

The first obvious suggestion (don’t worry, they won’t all be this obvious!) is to think about the occasion itself. Heading to work or a business meeting? Rock a structured tote or satchel for that professional and confident vibe. Go for classic neutral colors like black, brown, or navy to effortlessly match any outfit. You’ll be slaying the style game while conquering the business world.

Need a companion for your casual day out? Look no further than a crossbody bag – small, lightweight, and keeping your hands hands-free. It’s the perfect sidekick. You have some freedom to play and this is where you can add patterns and colors.

Clutches reign supreme in many ways for evenings. They’re small and stylish, ideal for toting around your must-haves like keys, phone, and wallet. Jazz it up with metallic accents or go for a timeless black clutch that’s always in vogue. Because who needs a bulky bag when you can rock the essentials with flair?

But let’s move beyond the occasion. You could know exactly where you’re going and still stare into the wardrobe as if you’re trying to do a complex math equation. If your outfit is partying with patterns and colors, let a simple and solid colored bag be the designated driver to keep it all in check. But if your outfit is playing it safe in the neutral zone, unleash a bold and statement bag to crank up the excitement.

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Potential activities are important too because you don’t want a huge bag boshing you in the face while you’re trying to be active. You’ll have another problem fitting all your important items if you’re heading to a picnic with a tiny bag. Heading to a music festival? A backpack is an absolute must. It’s like having your own portable storage unit, keeping your hands free for dancing and snapping pics. And for traveling, a crossbody or tote bag with pockets galore will make airport lines feel like a breeze. Pack smart, party hard.

Slow down, close your eyes, and let the panic subside for just a moment. Unless you’re getting ready for a special date…ahhhh. Don’t forget to factor in the occasion, your outfit, and the activities at hand. Let your bag do the talking and express your unique style. Whether you’re rocking a sleek leather satchel or a trendy bucket bag, own it with sass and confidence. 

Those who feel like they’re going to leave the house with the wrong bag no matter what they choose probably need a new lease of life on their choices. Update your wardrobe and get some versatile options – like this tote bag Montreal, for example!