How to Resolve Scalability Issues in MSP through IP PBX System

MSP through IP PBX System

Managed Service Providers (MSPs) have been around for quite some time now. Starting as IT services companies to manage IT processes and infrastructure for clients in the mid-1990s, MSPs have evolved leaps and bounds since then and transformed several businesses across industries.

To quote Sean McSpaden, principal legislative IT analyst at Oregon Legislative Fiscal Office, “MSPs are force multipliers.” At a time, when more and more businesses are choosing MSPs to enhance their profitability and boost their productivity, scalability holds an extremely critical place.

In this blog post, we have explored the importance of scalability for MSPs, how high-quality IP PBX System can resolve scalability issues, and tips to handpick the right IP PBX software for MSPs. So, without further ado, let’s dive right into the blog and explore how IP PBX can enhance the scalability of MSPs.

Why is Scalability Imperative for MSPs?

When it comes to managing diverse business areas, starting from IT infrastructure and services to HR and customer service, MSPs can take a considerable burden off contemporary businesses. As they deal with multiple companies and clients, they need to focus on scalability and make sure that they have the bandwidth to serve their existing and new clients without any issues. Here are four reasons why scalability is critical for MSPs.

1. To Accommodate More Number of Users and Customers

When an MSP starts its operations, it is more likely to begin small and grow at a much faster pace as it gathers momentum. In such a scenario, as it grows in size, it will have more users and customers.

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Without the right bandwidth and scalability, the MSP cannot accommodate new customers. It will also struggle to provide its suite of services to its existing customers. That’s why handpicking the right IP PBX software can help MSPs accommodate a growing number of users and customers in a much more seamless manner.

2. To Easily Handle Increased Call Volumes

Would it be surprising to know that a fast-growing MSP will receive much higher call volumes than it previously used to? Not at all!

When an MSP provides its services to more users and customers, then it also needs to take its customer support and service into account. It is quite obvious that its inbound call volume is most likely to surge with the increase in its customer and user base. Choosing the right IP PBX system will help MSPs handle the rise in call volumes and provide enhanced customer support.

3. For Geographical Expansion and Multi-Branch Operations

Just take a look at any reputable and well-established MSP, what do most of them have in common? They have offices in multiple locations. Such MSPs don’t confine their services to one geographical location alone. A majority of them have multi-branch operations.

Say, for instance, a Manhattan-based MSP has offices in Brighton in Massachusetts, Burlington in Vermont, Newark in New Jersey, and Newfield in Connecticut. What’s the easiest way to manage its operations across these locations? That’s right, leveraging the right IP PBX system will give them the freedom to operate across geographical locations.

4. To Reduce Costs

“There is never a time in a company’s history when cost control can be relegated to the back burner. But for a startup company, keeping costs low is a vital necessity.” This quote by noted author and publisher Felix Dennis is so apt for MSPs. That’s because most MSPs have humble beginnings and they must explore multiple ways to keep their costs down.

Beyond a point, costs and overheads can become a major concern for MSPs. It not only can adversely affect their profitability but also can hinder their ability to provide quality service to their clients. By leveraging the right IP PBX software, MSPs can reduce their costs and increase their profitability.

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How Do IP PBX Systems Help MSPs Resolve Scalability Issues?

In the context of software and tech solutions, scalability refers to the ability to handle rising demands without compromising quality or performance. When it comes to IP PBX software, the high-quality ones are highly scalable.

The demand for IP PBX systems by MSPs and other professional service providers is the main reason for the growth of the global IP PBX market. According to a report released by Analytics Market Research, the global IP PBX market size is projected to touch USD 85.14 billion by 2031 compared to USD 20.19 billion in 2022. That’s a compounded annual growth rate (CAGR) of 17.3 percent!

When an MSP leverages IP PBX software, it can resolve its scalability issues. Here’s how:

1. Cloud Integration

Cloud-based IP PBX systems are not only highly scalable and flexible but can be deployed in an extremely effortless manner. This enables MSPs to easily adapt to dynamic business requirements. They can easily serve their clients by using cloud infrastructure and cloud-based IP PBX systems.

2. Cost-Effective Scaling

As IP PBX solutions are software-based and cloud-based, they don’t need extensive physical infrastructure. By leveraging cloud infrastructure, they can be highly scalable and economically viable.

3. Customize Communication Infrastructure As Per Needs

Some trustworthy and reputable IP PBX solution providers allow adding an unlimited number of extensions. When MSPs leverage the right IP PBX system, they not only can add new extensions but can also customize communication infrastructure as per their needs.

4. Unified Communication Features

Sophisticated IP PBX solutions come with a wide array of unified communication features such as integration with business applications, file sharing and collaboration, calendar integration, mobile integration, web collaboration tools, and more. The integration of audio, video, and messaging services not only enhances salability but also improves user experience.

How to Handpick the Right IP PBX Solution for Your MSP Business?

The right IP PBX system can mean the difference between achieving the desired scalability for MSPs and struggling to serve new users and clients as per their requirements. Here are some tips that can help you select the right IP PBX solution for your MSP business.

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1. List the Key Features You Want in the Software

If scalability is your main purpose of choosing IP PBX software then you need to list down the key features that can help you scale up (or scale down) your operations as per your requirements. Some of the features can be Automatic Call Distribution, skill-based routing, CRM integration, unified communication features such as integrating video, voice, and messaging services, and more.

2. Fix a Reasonable Budget

After you’ve listed the key features you need, it’s time to fix a reasonable budget. A budget would help you to stay on track as far as your investments in an IP PBX system are concerned. By doing so, you are not likely to over-invest or under-invest.

3. Look for IP PBX Solution Providers on the Internet

The next step is to look for IP PBX solution providers that can help you achieve the scalability you need. You simply have to switch on your laptop or take out your smartphone and type in some high-intent search terms such as:

  • “Best scalable IP PBX software for managed service providers”
  • “High-quality and affordable IP PBX software for managed service providers”
  • “Best IP PBX software for managed service providers in (your city or country name)”

4. Visit Websites and Compare Features, Pricing Plans, Pros and Cons

After pressing the search button, you will get about a dozen websites on the first search engine result page. Some websites will belong to IP PBX software providers and some will belong to companies such as G2 and SoftwareSuggest that will have a list of 10, 20, or more IP PBX providers. The former can help you take a closer look into a solution provider’s solutions. The latter will help you get a bird’s-eye-view of the features, pricing plans, pros and cons, and free trial information of 10 or 20 IP PBX solution providers.

5. Contact Shortlisted Providers and Make an Informed Decision

After visiting the websites, it’s time to shortlist some promising IP PBX solution providers and contact them one by one. Ask them about the things related to their solutions that are not mentioned on their websites. For instance, while some solution providers mention certain days of free demos, others don’t mention that on their web pages. In such a case, it would help you to ask the right questions. After that, you can make an informed decision.

Summing Up

When MSPs leverage the right IP PBX software solutions they can easily scale up (or down) their business operations as per their needs. Investing in a high-quality IP PBX system can make a huge difference to MSPs’ ability to serve new users and clients.