Reviving Love: Guide to Get Your Ex Girlfriend/Boyfriend Back

how to get your ex lover back

The breakup of a romantic relationship is never a pleasant experience for anyone to go through. And, it’s doubly hard to take if breaking up wasn’t something you wanted to happen.

Figuring out how to get your lover back is the most important thing in your life right now. But, how do you go about getting him or her back? Can you fix a broken relationship?

The short answer is yes, you can get a lover back after a break up, but it does take effort and a little planning!

Now, don’t think you have to work out some strategic master-plan, measured out to the last detail. No, you simply need to follow a few basic steps to give yourself the best chance of getting your girlfriend or boyfriend back into your life.

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The following suggestions may help you reconcile with your partner, reclaim lost love, and maybe even improve your relationship so that it’s better than before!

4 Proven Ways To Get Lover Back

Obviously, every romantic relationship has its own set of circumstances. And, therefore, the effectiveness of these ‘get lover back‘ ideas will undoubtedly vary from situation to situation. However, with that in mind, these methods are proven to set the ball rolling to help smooth the road back to togetherness for you and your ex girlfriend/boyfriend.

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Get Lover Back Tip #1 

Forget everything that’s happened in the past. Don’t dwell on things that have been said or done in the bad old days of the relationship. That’s history. You want to move forward and reclaim the love that has been lost.

Sometimes, leaving the past behind requires forgiveness, and that’s not always easy. But, being able to forgive and forget is a necessary part of the plan to get your lover back. And, in many ways, it is the most crucial step involved in the whole reconciliation process.

Get Lover Back Tip #2

Take the initiative. In other words, make the first move to getting back with your lover. If you’re sitting there, biding your time waiting for your ex-girlfriend/boyfriend to come back to you, you might be waiting forever!

While taking the first step towards patching up the break up with your ex might not work out, you’ll never know unless you try. Sometimes, when someone has the courage to admit the mistakes they’ve made, a broken relationship can be easily fixed. Simply saying, “I’m sorry”, can make a world of difference!

Get Lover Back Tip #3

Go slowly. Don’t overwhelm your ex with a barrage of calls, text messages or by continually showing up unannounced on his or her doorstep. You’ll begin to look like someone who’s desperate, and a bit creepy!

If you become overly demanding or obsessive about getting back together with your ex, it may achieve the opposite result. Most likely, your ex-lover will run for the hills!

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Once you’ve made it crystal clear to your ex boyfriend/girlfriend that you’d like to get back together, just let things develop at their own pace (with a little help from tip #4).

Get Lover Back Tip #4  

Go out of your way to become seductively attractive to your ex. And, this applies to you guys as well!

By making yourself more appealing to your ex-lover, you excite that feeling of desire, or pride that ‘must have’ triggers, an irresistible force within the human psyche.

Just realize that moping around, pining for your lost love won’t cut it. And, feeling sorry for yourself will only hurt YOU!

Instead, get out and about with friends, go to clubs, parties, or whatever it is you enjoy doing. And, if you happen to “bump” into your ex (on purpose Want To Get Your Ex Lover Back? ), show her or him that you’re still the same fun-loving, great person they fell in love with in the beginning. Maybe even more! Start planting those ‘get lover back‘ seeds in your ex’s mind!

By applying these proven get lover back tips, you’ll give yourself a better chance of patching up and rekindling the romance you once had. There’s an old saying, “Nothing ventured, nothing gained”. And, if getting back with your ex girlfriend/boyfriend is what you really want, then go ahead, give it your best shot!

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