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Stranger Things Incorrect Quotes

“Stranger Things Incorrect Quotes” are quotes from the TV show “Stranger Things” that are not correct or not properly credited to a character or scene. These quotes might have been fabricated, misunderstood, or quoted incorrectly and do not reflect what was actually said in the show. This term probably refers to fan-created content or memes on the internet, which often have false or altered quotes.

Here are Some Top Stranger Things Incorrect Quotes

Steve: How the hell did you crash the car?!

Robin: So, I was driving and my navigation told me to go straight. But, I felt like it was homophobic so I chose to go the opposite way, which was gay. And that’s when I got into an accident.

Steve: …

Nancy, with a proud smile: And that’s the person I’m in love with, everyone.


JIM: I don’t think you can play basketball because of your height.

KAREN: I don’t think you can play basketball because you’re wearing a suit. For what it’s worth, I don’t think Sarah can play in those high heels either.

SARAH: Perhaps not. But I would look stylish on the court.


JOE: I can’t believe you’re actually going skydiving!

SARA: What? I’m not afraid of heights!

JOE: That’s not what I’m worried about. I heard the instructors say that the parachutes only work 30% of the time.

SARA: Well, I have faith in the equipment. And even if something does go wrong, at least I’ll have a great story to tell.

JOE: I suppose that’s true. Just promise me you’ll be careful.

SARA: I promise. And who knows, maybe I’ll even get you to jump out of a plane one day.

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JOE: Not a chance!

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Steve: Eddie, what’s up? I just wanted a peaceful date night.

Eddie: Sorry man, Dustin needed a place to crash.

Steve: Couldn’t you have said no?

Eddie: I tried yesterday, but I just can’t deny my friends.

Steve: [Sighs] Alright, but you wouldn’t survive torture.

Eddie: [Surprised] Really? What about you?

Steve: [Nonchalantly] I have. [Walks away].

Eddie: [Stunned] Wait, what do you mean?


Robin: [Sarcastic] So, what did Steve do? Did he flirt back?

Eddie: [Shrugs] No, he was just trying to buy a new suit for his job interview tomorrow.

Robin: [Surprised] He has a job interview tomorrow? Why didn’t he tell me?

Eddie: [Gestures with hands] I don’t know. Maybe because he was busy trying to dodge this saleswoman’s advances.

Robin: [Laughs] Well, I hope he gets the job. And hopefully, he won’t have to deal with any more flirting saleswomen.


STEVE: Eddie, you can’t just assume a meerkat is a criminal.

EDDIE: Why not? Look at him, he’s got that shifty look in his eyes.

STEVE: [laughing] That’s just their natural expression, man.

EDDIE: [jokingly] I guess you’re right. He’s probably just plotting his escape from this zoo.


Eddie: I’m ready to party and I’m here tonight!

Robin: Are you dancing too?

Eddie: All the time.

Steve: What are you guys talking about?


Robin: Nancy, why are you making pudding at 4 in the morning?

Nancy: I’m just trying to take control of my life.

Max: That’s alright, I’m not hungry anymore.

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Steve: You guys are not helping! Just focus on the road, Dustin.

Dustin: Sorry, Steve. I’m trying my best.

Eddie: Relax, Steve. We’ll get there in one piece. Maybe.

Steve: [Sighs] Alright, let’s start over. Watch out for the next pothole.

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Robin: But who’s holding our hands?

Steve: That’s a good question. We’ll figure it out eventually.

Eddie: Or we’ll just keep spinning until we both fall off, but at least we’ll fall together.

Steve: That’s a romantic thought, I’ll take it.


Mike: Mom, why can’t I marry Will?
Mom: You two are boys, Mike.
Mike: And? I love him!
Mom: Honey, you just can’t marry him.
Mike: Starts to cry
Mom: Panics You can marry him when you’re older!
40 years later
Older Mike: Wipes a tear My best moment.
Older Will: You cried when Mom said you couldn’t marry me?
Older Mike: Yes.
Older Will: You goof.
Older Mike: Well, you married me. We’re stuck together forever! Smiles

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