How to download YouTube videos using downloaders

How to download YouTube videos using downloaders

Downloading YouTube videos allows users to enjoy an extensive library of content anywhere, even without an internet connection. Whether it’s for entertainment on long flights or accessing instructional videos during a commute, saving YouTube videos offline enables new levels of flexibility.

There are numerous “Online video downloader” options available today that cater to all user needs and platforms. While downloading YouTube was once a complex process requiring technical know-how, modern solutions have simplified it for all audiences. Now it’s possible for both novice users and power-users to effortlessly save videos from the world’s largest online video platform.

YouTube Premium Downloaders

Best for: Effortless “Online video downloader” access from YouTube itself

YouTube Premium is YouTube’s official subscription service that enables seamless downloading of videos directly from the world’s largest online video platform. As a YouTube Premium subscriber, saving any public video on YouTube to your device libraries has never been more convenient. By signing up, users gain full access to YouTube’s built-in download function. This allows saving any video with just one click from the YouTube website or app. Videos can then be watched later even without an Internet connection.

Salient Features:

  1. One-tap downloads from any video page
  2. Support for resolutions up to 4K on desktop and 1080p on mobile
  3. Automatically updating library keeps recently added videos accessible offline
  4. Ad-free browsing experience across devices

While Premium’s monthly payments are an ongoing requirement, most subscribers find the cost well worth reducing “Online video downloader” needs to a single click. In return for fees, users receive unlimited streaming, background playback, exclusive podcasts, and satisfaction of supporting their favorite creators.

Overall, YouTube Premium completes the “Online video downloader” experience within YouTube itself for seamless saving and offline access. As the sole official solution, it emphasizes simplicity and integration above all else for viewers. While not as fully-customizable as outside tools, Premium remains the most convenient option available for YouTube downloading.

Download Cost: Variable membership plans starting at $11.99/month.

Desktop Software

Best for: Powerful “Online video downloader” functions on PC and Mac

Desktop software provides robust applications designed specifically for downloading YouTube videos on computers. Programs like 9xporn offer dedicated desktop tools that go beyond basic downloading. These “Online video downloader” suites deliver high-quality ripping, custom file formats, and batch downloading of playlists or entire channels.

Salient Features:

  1. Save videos in resolutions up to 8K for stunning quality
  2. Batch download options for playlists and channels
  3. Trim, convert, and edit files with included tools
  4. Intuitive interfaces optimized for bigger screens
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While requiring installation, desktop software instead offers full-featured downloading and much more. Whether searching for pristine quality or robust editing suites, these do-it-all options satisfy power users.


One of the top desktop options that maintains original video quality even at resolutions up to 8K.As its name implies, 9xporn lets you save YouTube videos in astonishingly high resolutions up to 8K. It maintains the native video quality while downloading at maximum speeds. 9xporn saves videos in up to 8K resolution. To download with it, simply copy a URL, select quality/format, choose the save location, and then press “Download”. The progress bar tracks the file(s) download.

VideoProc Converter

Besides downloading capabilities, VideoProc Converter really shines as an all-in-one video toolset. It allows ripping YouTube videos, converting formats, trimming clips, merging files, and more advanced video editing. All of these additional features provide great value on top of simply downloading videos. VideoProc is suitable for both novice users looking for an easy solution and power-users who want advanced control over their videos.


FlixGrab provides a simple YouTube tab where pasting a URL begins the “Online video downloader” operation. Users can customize quality, format and destination before launching downloads with one click.Along with standard download functions, FlixGrab lets users customize settings like download location, file names, video quality, and threads. A simple design means it’s intuitive for beginners yet still packed with features for experts. Overall FlixGrab is a compelling free option for fully-featured YouTube video downloads on desktop.As an open-source desktop app, FlixGrab provides powerful “Online video downloader” functions for Windows, Linux, and macOS. 

Helper Websites

Best for: Hassle-free downloads without extra software

Helper websites provide an online alternative for “Online video downloader” users who don’t want to install extra programs. Sites like let you paste any YouTube URL to instantly start a download. Within seconds, you’ll receive a direct link to the MP4 file. Many maintain queues so you can batch download entire playlists at once. The websites are very beginner friendly with intuitive drag-and-drop interfaces. All you need is a modern browser to get started.

Salient Features:

  1. One-click downloads with just a URL
  2. Batch downloading of playlists
  3. Browser-based with no software required
  4. Auto-generated titles and folder organization
  5. Compatibility with all devices

Verdict: While less full-featured than dedicated software, helper websites provide an effortless “Online video downloader” method for casual users from any computer or mobile browser.

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Download Cost: Free to use.

H3 Browser Extensions

Best for: Downloads directly from the YouTube website

Browser extensions integrate “Online video downloader” capabilities into the browsers you already use. This allows downloading videos without leaving the YouTube page. Extensions like Video DownloadHelper for Firefox add a simple download button next to each video. Just one click saves it to your preferred location. Some even automatically convert to mobile formats. Extensions are always up to date and work across sites seamlessly in the background.

Salient Features:

  1. One-click downloads from YouTube
  2. Automatic format conversion
  3. Updated automatically behind the scenes
  4. Lightweight with minimal resource usage
  5. Works on all major browsers

Verdict: Browser extensions combine the convenience of helper websites with smooth integration into YouTube itself for efficient downloading on desktop browsers.

Download Cost: Free extensions.

Browser Extensions

Best for: Effortless downloads directly from the YouTube website

Browser extensions allow “Online video downloader” users to save videos with just one click, right from the YouTube interface. Extensions like Video DownloadHelper integrate a simple download button next to each video on sites like YouTube. With a single tap, the extension saves the content to your designated folder. Many also auto-convert files to portable formats. They work seamlessly in the background to seamlessly enhance your browsing experience.

Salient Features:

  1. Single click downloads from video pages
  2. Often include format conversion options
  3. Automatic updating keeps performance optimized
  4. Minimal interface for distraction-free downloading
  5. Compatibility with major desktop browsers

Verdict: Browser extensions combine the ease of YouTube downloads with web-based helpers. Their invisible integration results in intuitive workflows to obtain offline copies of online content through your regular internet habits.

Download Cost: Free extensions available.

H2 Mobile Apps

Best for: On-the-go “Online video downloader” access

Mobile apps install “Online video downloader” features directly onto phones and tablets for true handheld convenience. Apps like ClipDown optimize downloading for mobile devices. They let you trim videos, change playback speed, and prepare files for offline viewing anywhere. Simply search for videos, tap to download, and watch later without WiFi. Some even remove ads or watermarks from clips. Downloads are automatically cataloged making your library simple to manage.

Salient Features:

  1. Made specifically for small screens
  2. Optimize files for mobile data limits
  3. Allow customization of downloaded files
  4. Integrate downloads into core mobile functions
  5. Catalog and organize saved files
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Verdict: YouTube apps complete the “Online video downloader” circle by putting all functions residents on mobile devices for true portable use. Their mobile-first designs excel at on-the-fly accessibility.

Download Cost: Free apps available but some unlock premium features via in-app purchases.

Mobile Apps

Best for: On-the-go YouTube downloads and offline viewing

Mobile apps optimize the “Online video downloader” experience for small screens. Apps like ClipDown excel at saving YouTube videos directly to smartphones and tablets. With a few taps, you can download an entire video or playlist and save it to your device’s storage. This lets you watch favorites anywhere – during commutes, flights, or without WiFi. Some apps even go beyond basic downloading by adding useful tools like trimming clips, changing speeds, and removing ads or watermarks.

Salient Features:

  1. Intuitive interfaces made for touchscreens
  2. Automatically save Space by optimizing file sizes
  3. Additional features like trimming and playback tools
  4. Seamless downloading and playback on mobile
  5. Easy organization of downloaded videos

Verdict: Whether you need a single video for later or your full subscription playlist, mobile apps put all the “Online video downloader” power in your pocket. Their convenience and optimized designs for smartphones close the loop for true portable YouTube access.

Download Cost: Free apps usually available, but some unlock premium features via in-app purchases.


In conclusion, downloading YouTube videos is a simple process that allows you to preserve and access video content offline. Whether you want to watch videos without an internet connection, save them for future viewing, or share specific clips elsewhere, being able to download YouTube is very useful. While YouTube provides streaming access to billions of videos, downloading allows you more control and flexibility over the content.

There are many free online tools and browser extensions that make downloading YouTube videos just a few clicks away. All you need to do is locate the video you want to save, copy its URL, paste it into the downloader, and wait for the download to complete. Downloading is a legitimate way for users to archive public content for their own personal use. Just be sure not to redistribute copyrighted material without permission.

Being able to save videos from YouTube is convenient for many purposes like watching on mobile devices during travel, compiling playlists for classes or events, or grabbing clips to feature in other projects. With so many easy download methods available, anyone can preserve their favorite YouTube videos and access them anytime, anywhere without an internet connection. Downloading opens up new possibilities for experiencing and sharing online video content offline.