What Are The Top Three Legal Issues Affecting Small Businesses?

What Are The Top Three Legal Issues Affecting Small Businesses?

Starting and operating a small business in Oklahoma City can be an exciting venture. But as an entrepreneur, you must be aware of the legal challenges that may arise. Small businesses can face some unique legal issues that can have a significant impact on their success and sustainability. In this case, you have to consult a specialized business formation attorney OKC to explore the legal issues and resolve them effectively.

As an owner of a small business, you must know about the three major legal issues that can affect your small business. These are:

  1. Employment law compliance

One of the main legal concerns for many small businesses revolves around employment law compliance. You have to navigate the complex regulations set by the state government as well as the federal government. It can be quite daunting for any entrepreneur. Hence, hiring a skilled attorney can ensure complete compliance with the FLSA i.e. fair labor standards act or ADA i.e. Americans with Disabilities Act.

Even the small businesses must be vigilant in classifying their employees properly as non-exempt or non-exempt. You have to consider paying for overtime when it is required and providing reasonable accommodations for the employees with any disabilities. Violating such laws can result in costly lawsuits, fines, and damage to the business reputation.

  1. Business structure and tax compliance

Another legal challenge that your small business can face is choosing the right business structure. This is because the choice between LLC i.e. Limited Liability Company, sole proprietorship, corporation, or partnership has significant impact on the taxation and operations.

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You can take the help of a business law attorney Oklahoma City to know about the legal requirements for each structure and the responsibilities that come along. Failing to properly establish or maintain the structure for your business can lead to some legal issues. This can be personal liability for business debts, disputes among the business owners, and challenges in securing finances for your business.

  1. Contractual agreements and dispute resolution

Small businesses can often engage in different contractual agreements. These can be vendor contracts, leases, and customer agreements. The legality and enforceability of these contracts can significantly impact the ability of the businesses to operate smoothly. To ensure that your contracts are well-drafted, you must clearly outline the obligations and rights of all the parties.

It is crucial. To handle these contracts, you will need the help of business formation attorney OKC to help you. In case of any disputes or legal issues, a professional attorney can also help in resolving those problems.


Small businesses, as mentioned above, may face a myriad of legal challenges that require informed and proactive decision-making. Here, one of the best and most experienced business attorneys in Oklahoma City can help. They can help you with employment law compliance, business structure, and tax considerations. Consulting with the legal professionals and implementing robust legal practices can help in mitigating risks and protecting your business. This can build a solid foundation for a long-term success of your business.