Top Tips For Air Conditioner Repair: How To Find The Best AC Repair Services In Theodore, AL

While Enjoying Theodore’s beautiful sceneries and views, You might also have experienced an AC Breakdown in June. With summer at its height, Well, if not, I would share my experience. Last year, I experienced the same issue with no valid source of complete support or any repair service. Even searching on Google wasn’t worth the effort.

Then, I found the Best AC Repair Service In Theodore, AL. In today’s blog, we will discover some common problems caused by AC and a complete guide to repairing them. I will also recommend you guys a repair company known for its best repair services all over Theodore, AL.

Common Issues In Air Conditioners 

So, we will list here some common issues found in the air conditioners based on Theodore, AL. We will also provide the ultimate and easiest guide to solving the problems. So, Let’s Dive In!

Compressor Breakdown

A common issue in air conditioners is the starting and stopping of compressors. In this case, compressors will act weirdly and frequently start and stop. This may be because of the high-pressure cutout or low-pressure cutout. 

Low-pressure cutout means there may be a blockage somewhere, causing the low-pressure cutout to stop frequently. Some advanced issues, such as leakage in the compressor, might be seen because of the defective compressor valves.

So, for the solution. The easiest way to solve this is to call an expert, Such As Surf SIde, because in these cases, it’s harmful to any ordinary person to try to replace the valves or clean the blockage. It also may cause some severe damage to the system.

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Thermostat Troubles And Reduced Cooling Capacity

These factors are the most common ones till now! These factors are different, though. They might be similar in reading but have different steps to solve. We will first discover your issue by matching the signs and Then move to the right solutions. 

Thermostat Troubles

It’s a serious but easy-to-solve problem for Air Conditioner because the thermostat is like the heart or the brain of the AC. Your AC might not function at all with a troublesome thermostat.

The best and easiest way to solve this problem is to check the drained batteries because the drained batteries of the AC might cause issues with electricity reaching the thermostat. 

In a rare case, there may be some electrical issues with the thermostat, causing a defect in the thermostat itself. So, to solve this issue, you can call up to an expert technician to have a checkup on your AC. Like Surf Side, most probably! 

Reduced Cooling Capacity

Unlike Thermostat troubles, Reduced cooling capacity differs slightly from thermostat troubles but causes the same issues. 

Well, what happens is that there is a substance in an Air conditioner known as the refrigerator whenever the refrigerant leaks. The air conditioner again starts to blow up warm air and cannot keep up to the room temperature levels. 

Sometimes, the room might get overcrowded, or the thermostat’s sensors might be in a place where they cannot properly sense the temperature levels, causing them to malfunction and not work correctly. 

The best solution to the following problem is to Fill up refrigerant levels by contacting a professional Such As Surf Side Services. Either way, if the thermostat sensors are in the wrong place, the professional from Surf Side will assure you a change to its most capable position.

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Air Conditioner Frequently Turning On And Off  

Are you also annoyed by your Air Conditioner repeatedly turning on and off, 

I think so. Right ? Stuck in this condition with such high heat pressure and the air conditioner not working properly?

Well, This guide is for you, then. You’ll get all the answers to your questions.

First, you have to understand why this is happening, also known as an electricity failure, which means that whenever you turn On your AC, the compressor has to work harder every time, which can lead to increased stress and cause electrical failure.

Many other factors can contribute to electrical failures, such as overtime, acid building up in the unit circuit, causing electrical failure, or even power surges leading to electrical failure.


In conclusion, the blog may have covered all possible issues with the right solutions. But if there are any other concerns causing problems to your Air Conditioner, Without any other though, Visit Up: SurfSide.Service 

I am sure they will thoroughly repair your AC with a free estimate 🙂