Top 9 Ways to Save Money When Booking a Private Jet

Save Money When Booking a Private Jet

Have you ever dreamt of traveling in a private jet at least once in your lifetime but always dropped your plan due to its high costs? You are at the right place. The world is full of beautiful destinations, hidden gems, off-the-beaten paths, vibrant cities, and romantic getaways waiting to be explored by tourists. A private jet is the epitome of luxury and exclusivity, and its high price is the cost you have to pay for that exceptional and unparalleled air travel experience. For a middle-class person, traveling in a private jet sound like a fantasy that can never be fulfilled. However, there are some unique ways you can use to save money when booking a private jet, reduce the overall cost, and bring your dream into reality. With the right ways and tips, you can experience the comfort and luxury of a private jet at an affordable cost that will not drain your pocket. In this blog, we will share the top 9 ways to save money on booking a private jet and cruising above the clouds in luxury and elegance.

Avoid Peak Travel Days

During peak travel days like the holiday season, festival time, sports events, or Sugar Bowl weekend, the demand for private jets is much higher than their supply, which ultimately increases the price. During those days, you have to pay an extra amount to book your private jet charter, no matter which provider you choose, as the prices are high during that time. The best solution is to travel during off-peak times when the prices are significantly lower, along with additional offers and discounts which further reduce the costs. 

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Charter a Shared Flight

What Is A Charter Flight: Everything You Should Know - Volato

One of the best ways to reduce private jet charter cost is to consider sharing the flight with other passengers. If you are traveling alone or with a small group to an intercontinental destination, you must book a heavy private jet with more range to cover long distances. In a heavy jet, the passenger capacity is 12 – 18 people, therefore you can choose a shared flight option in which the private charter provider will allow other people to join you on the flight which ultimately reduces your individual costs. 

Look For Empty Leg Flights

The best way to experience the luxury and comfort of a private jet at less cost is to look for an empty-leg flight. Empty-leg flights are those flights that are booked for a one-way journey and do not have any passengers to return to the base or another location. Such flights are available at a discounted price to cover their fixed and variable costs. These flights are generally available at the end time, and you must stay updated by following the company on social media, subscribing to their newsletter, and checking their website. 

Connect with Brokers

Brokers are the experts in their particular field, and contacting private jet brokers to book a flight is one of the best ways to save money. They can help you find the best deals on your preferred company and the private jet you require. They have exclusive resources, coupons, memberships, and offers that can help you save even more money. Besides all that, they even try to negotiate with private jet charter companies to close the deal at the most ideal price possible.  

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Don’t Ask for Extras

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Private jet charter includes numerous luxury amenities, fine dining options, and basic in-flight services. It’s always best to manage in the already given amenities, dining, and other luxury services rather than asking for the extras, as extras add to the cost and increase the overall price of the flight. Extras include special services like in-flight spas and massages, gourmet food, exclusive entertainment, customized amenities, etc. 

Consider the Airport

An important strategy to save money during private aviation is choosing the right airport. In a commercial flight, the plane lands at a fixed airport, and you have zero control over it. However, in the case of a private jet charter, you can choose the airport that is closest to your destination and accommodation. It’s always best to choose the local/regional airports rather than the international airports as they are closer to your destination and have less transportation fees and other ground charges. 

Charter Old Model Aircrafts

Most people want to travel in a new model aircraft with a lavish and modern interior, which is the biggest mistake if you are seeking affordable private jet travel. Instead of modern aircraft, considering the old model aircraft is a better option to save money as old models cost less than the new ones. This is due to the fact that rich people can easily afford the high price of new aircraft models, which means less demand for older ones, and less demand means low prices. 

Choose the Right Aircraft

How To Choose The Right Private Jet For Your Needs

Choosing the right aircraft is crucial to ensure a safe, comfortable, and stress-free journey. If you are traveling to a nearby location with a small group, opting for the small-size plane is the best idea as they are available at less cost. If the number of people is higher, opt for a mid-size jet or turboprop rather than a heavy jet as heavy jets are the most expensive. Besides size, there are many other factors to look for, like operating costs, seating capacity, range, fuel efficiency, maintenance, etc. Consider aircraft with less operating costs including fuel efficiency and maintenance expenses. Book the ones with appropriate seating capacity and range that matches your journey distance; there is no need to pay extra for empty seats and more range than required. 

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Book a One – Way Trip

You can book either a round trip or two one-way trips based on your travel plan. If you plan for just a one- or two-day trip, consider a round trip, but booking two one-way trips is a cost-efficient method if you are going for a couple of days. Round trips are also costly and include additional costs, as the jet charter and the crew have to remain grounded until your return. On the other hand, one-way flights do not include such extra costs, which means lower prices for your trip. Moreover, make sure to book your trip in advance to get better pricing and avoid last-minute booking surcharges.  


In conclusion, we can say that traveling in a private jet rental is not just possible for the rich but also for middle-class people with the right knowledge and information. We have discussed the best money-saving tips like booking empty-leg flights, avoiding traveling during peak season, choosing the right airport, charting a small plane, etc. These effective tips and strategies will allow you to embark on a VIP journey at less cost, making every mile a memorable experience.