How To Clean Up and Recover From Storm or Wind Damage

How To Clean Up and Recover From Storm or Wind Damage

The scenario in the aftermath of a storm can be as dangerous as the storm itself. You can be exposed to hazards including weakened trees and branches, broken glass, and electrical wires. Therefore, you must hire professional services for storm damage cleanup in Oklahoma City OK. The professionals have the necessary expertise and the equipment to ensure that the cleanup and restoration process is smooth and without any adverse incident.

Ensure Site Safety

If the local authorities have issued any warning, you must return to the site only when the local authorities have given the necessary go-ahead. Equipment including heavy gloves (for work), hard hats, eye protection gear, dust masks, and safety boots may be required. Sometimes you may also need additional supplies including flashlights and portable water among others. A professional service is well-equipped to carry out the cleanup work.

Tree Restoration

Ensure that you do not get close to the trees that fall next to the power lines. A leading service for commercial tree removal in Oklahoma City can inspect the outdoors for damaged crowns, trunks, and limbs of trees and also restore them. When you do not have adequate experience in lawn care, you must not try to take care of exteriors in the afternoon of a storm. The expert services will also look out for any broken limbs and branches of trees and remove them before they can cause any damage.

Assessing the Damage

Some of the common damages caused by storms include the:

  • Damaged shingles: hail may cause the pitting of shingles.
  • Lifted or missing shingles: the singles that are close to the edge of the roof get loose or miss completely in the aftermath of a storm.
  • Damage to the gutters: the drainage/gutter system may get filled with undesired substances such as leaves or may be loose or dented.
  • Shattered panes: The windows of a building are often broken during the storm when debris or hail strikes. Such substances may also cause cracks and holes in the panes.
  • Cracks in the tiles: debris and hail can cause split/cracks in the ceramic, concrete, or slate tiles.
  • Siding: siding made of aluminum may be damaged and may suffer from dents and dings.
  • Discoloration: Storms and hail may cause chipping of the paint or cracks.
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Other kinds of damage may also occur to a house during a storm. If you find that there are new stains in the ceiling or walls or a leak in the basement, among other damages, you must engage expert services for storm damage cleanup in OKC.

HVAC Equipment/Furnace

You may also need to check your HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning equipment) and unit in the aftermath of a storm. Some other home systems may also be checked. For instance, if the furnace of the home was submerged (wholly or partially) in water, licensed technicians can repair it. Any fallen tree branches and limbs can be removed by the expert tree removal services.


The best tree removal services in OKC can ensure that the trees and other kinds of hazards do not pose a threat in the aftermath of a storm. They can ensure that you can move safely back to your home and take care of many different aspects of home restoration and cleanup in the aftermath of a storm. Reach out to a leading tree restoration and storm clean-up service to know more about their affordable cost and the benefits they offer.