How Would You Define the Best 3D Printer in the World?

How Would You Define the Best 3D Printer in the World?

To answer that question, we first need to identify the priorities of 3D printer users. Once we have that one thought out, we will begin to see which is the best 3D printer in the world. Without wasting time, one of the major priorities for 3D printer users is the time taken to accomplish a particular task. This time taken is directly influenced by the speed of the 3D printer. As they say, time is money. Spending too much time on one project is unwise; truly it will get you nowhere as far as your passion or career is concerned. What you need is a 3D printer with the ability to accomplish tasks at breathtaking speeds. What you need is the Snapmaker J1/J1S High-Speed IDEX 3D Printer. 

Keep reading to find out why this machine manufactured by Snapmaker, the fastest growing 3D printing company that has managed to integrate 3D printing, laser engraving and cutting, and CNC carving to achieve a 3-in-1 functionality, will solve all of your 3D printing problems. Additionally, the company has won multiple international prizes one of whose product made a record in 2019 as the most crowdfunded 3D printer in the world. Visit today to find out more. 

The J1S High Speed IDEX 3D Printer

Before we dive deeper, let us first understand what IDEX means and why it is crucial. IDEX stands for Independent Dual Extruder. These types of 3D printers have two heads with one nozzle on each. The two heads can move independently of each other, hence the name. Meaning each head can carry out a different task from the other simultaneously. This feature comes with several unimaginable and unprecedented benefits that normal 3D printers in the market can only dream of. 

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These benefits are:

  1. Double productivity
  2. Dual-material printing
  3. Intelligent IDEX calibration
  4. One-piece die casting
  5. Extremely fast 3D printing speeds

The Snapmaker J1S boasts a maximum speed of 350 mm/s. This is unheard of in the 3D printing industry but Snapmaker has managed to put their goal-oriented and focused staff up to the challenge to achieve this incredible milestone. It comes with a maximum acceleration of 10,000 mm/s2. The speed is boosted by an advanced control algorithm. You might think that with the high speeds involved, the final print might be a little shady. That would be farther from the truth. The vibration compensation technology feature ensures that despite the high 3D printing speeds reached by the machine, the high resolution of prints is maintained. 

There is a seamless switching of the extruder. How is this achieved and is it helpful? Yes, it is. During dual extrusion printing, the non-working extruder preheats while on standby and starts printing after the working extruder leaves. This greatly reduces the wait time. 

Another feature is the cornering optimization. The J1S can prevent problems like corner bulges, delivering better print quality at concerns. This is achieved by analyzing the extruders’ moving directions ahead of time. 

The elaborate hardware design ensures that the 3D printer can handle the great speeds reached without toppling. This is very crucial as what good is a fast 3D printer that cannot stand on its own? 

Lastly, let us discuss the strong cooling system feature. The system is comprised of cooling fans, not only found under the nozzles but also at the back panel. This is very important because when using filament material such as PLA, ambient temperature can significantly rise due to the high speeds. The cooling system ensures this is prevented by cooling the prints. 

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There is not much to say really. The amazing J1S 3D printer speaks for itself and it speaks volumes. Visit to find out more.