4 Apps That Make Meditation Easy

4 Apps That Make Meditation Easy

Life today has become so hectic that people don’t have enough time to take care of their mental health. An effective way to do this is by prioritizing your well-being over everything else and devoting time to meditation. For many people, it’s difficult to meditate, but some assistance from music can make it easier. This is why apps that bring music and meditation together can give you a better life. Here are some useful ones you need to check.

  1. Headspace

It was launched way back in 2010 and it slowly evolved into one of the top meditation apps. Headspace is basically a collection of exercises and guided meditations. Both of these can be used to achieve multiple goals like getting better sleep, becoming more aware, reducing stress, and more. The meditations and exercises suit everyone from newbies to those who have been doing it for years. All of its courses are well-organized and presented in a way that’s easy to explore.

Kudos to Headspace’s designers for creating a calming user interface that’s colorful and welcoming. Go and try its relaxing sleep sounds, fitness routines, yoga guides, and more to make a positive impact on your mental health.

  1. Amazon Music

Amazon Music’s website talks about its 100 million songs and 15 million podcast episodes. What it doesn’t focus on is that it also has many audio guides and well-curated playlists that can help you with meditation, yoga, and relaxation. The app’s minimalistic and simple user interface ensures you find all these easily.

Don’t worry, this app provides ad free music, so you’ll never face any distractions while meditating. Other features like unlimited skips and offline playback make things even better. Amazon Music service comes bundled with Amazon Prime and Prime Video. This gives you free and fast delivery from Amazon’s web store as well as access to tons of entertaining TV shows and movies.

  1. Calm
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A list like this couldn’t be complete without this app. Its serene user interface looks inspired by beaches and mountains. This app can help newcomers and those who meditate regularly to find inner peace and deal with stress better. These are not just high claims, the app really cares about you. Calm keeps track of important stats like how long you meditated, the number of sessions you took, and the total days of use.

This means you always have an overview of how much time you are dedicating to your mental health. It has several soothing exercises, breathing techniques, and best of all, stories! You can literally go to bed listening to calming stories.

  1. Apple Music

Just like Amazon Music, this service has also helped many of its users in meditation. Yes, there’s enough music on here to entertain you for years, but it also has dedicated playlists to increase your focus, achieve better sleep, and improve overall well-being. If you are at a stage where you just want to try meditation and see how it works for you, using a music app can be a good decision. 

There’s barely any learning curve here so finding soothing music or guidance tracks is absolutely simple. Apple Music comes with benefits like unlimited downloads and ad-free playback. This ensures that your meditation sessions never get interrupted.

Summing Up

Tuning out your thoughts and staying calm for prolonged periods can feel daunting for many people and this is where these apps come in. Getting into meditation using apps is a good starting point. You see, the whole idea is to find a good tool that will make meditation feel like an easy exercise. Doesn’t matter which apps you choose, they are sure to help you in the journey of working on your mental health.

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