Top 10 Best Industrial Embedded Computers

Top 10 Best Industrial Embedded Computers

Looking for the perfect industrial embedded computer? Our blog post has you covered with a handpicked list and in-depth reviews of the top 10 on the market. From rugged performance to high reliability, these cutting-edge machines meet the demands of today’s industries. Whether in manufacturing, automation, or any industry needing top-notch computing power, our guide is your key to exploring innovation and finding the ideal companion for your next project.

Importance of Industrial Embedded Computers in Today’s Industry

Industrial embedded computers are important in modern automation, seamlessly integrating with diverse systems to enhance productivity across industries. Robust and adaptable, they excel in challenging environments with features like wide temperature ranges and shock resistance. 

Their compact size and versatile mounting options contribute to efficiency, easily fitting into confined spaces and integrating smoothly into existing machinery.

Security is prioritized with advanced features such as encryption algorithms and secure boot mechanisms, safeguarding important data from unauthorized access and potential threats.

Boasting impressive processing capabilities, industrial embedded computers enable real-time data analysis and decision-making, handling complex tasks with minimal latency. Their significance lies in enhancing operational efficiency through process automation, reducing downtime, and improving safety via intelligent monitoring systems. Furthermore, they provide a solid foundation for future growth and innovation across industries worldwide.

Factors to Consider When Choosing an Industrial Embedded Computer

Several factors must be taken into account when choosing an industrial embedded computer. These factors can greatly influence the computer’s performance and reliability.

Processing Power

Evaluate the processing power based on specific application requirements, considering the need for high-performance processors or multiple cores for multitasking capabilities.

Operating Temperature Range

Consider the operating temperature range to ensure the embedded computer can reliably operate in the extreme temperature conditions often present in industrial environments.

Connectivity Options

Assess the necessary interfaces and ports for your industrial applications, including Ethernet ports, USB ports, serial ports, and expansion slots for additional peripherals.

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Storage Capacity

Determine the required storage capacity for storing data or running complex applications efficiently.


Prioritize durability by choosing ruggedized features, such as shock resistance and vibration tolerance, to ensure the computer can withstand harsh operating conditions.

Long-Term Availability and Support

Consider the long-term availability and support from the manufacturer or supplier, ensuring a reliable partner for ongoing technical assistance and compatibility with future software updates or upgrades.

By carefully considering these factors, businesses can make well-informed decisions when selecting an industrial embedded computer, ensuring it meets specific requirements and delivers optimal performance in the challenging conditions of industrial settings.

Top 10 Best Industrial Embedded Computers on the Market

Top 1: Sintrones Industrial Embedded Computer

Sintrones Industrial Embedded Computer stands out as a robust and high-performance solution for industrial computing needs. Designed to endure the challenges of various industries, it offers a wide range of connectivity options, including USB, LAN, VGA, and HDMI, ensuring seamless integration. 

Powered by Intel processors with ample memory, it delivers efficient performance for demanding applications. Its durability is evident in its ability to withstand extreme temperatures, shock, vibration, and dust, making it suitable for industries like transportation and manufacturing. The expandable storage options, compact size, and advanced features such as remote monitoring contribute to its overall reliability and convenience for industrial applications.

Top 2: Advantech ARK Series

Advantech ARK Series is a trusted choice in industrial embedded computers, backed by a solid reputation and extensive industry experience. Offering a variety of options, from compact fanless designs to ruggedized units, Advantech ensures durability in harsh environments. 

The modular design allows easy scalability, accommodating evolving needs without compromising performance. Advanced connectivity options, including USB 3.0, Ethernet ports, and HDMI/VGA outputs, facilitate seamless integration. The ARK Series undergoes comprehensive testing, ensuring reliability, longevity, and minimal downtime for industrial operations. 

With its powerful and dependable features, it proves to be an excellent choice for diverse applications in manufacturing automation, transportation, and energy management.

Top 3: Siemens SIMATIC IPCs

Siemens SIMATIC IPCs are renowned for their reliability and performance in industrial settings. Designed to endure harsh conditions, these rugged embedded computers find applications in manufacturing, automation, and energy industries. 

Their modular design allows easy customization and expansion, ensuring adaptability to changing requirements and future-proofing investments. Powered by high-performance Intel processors, Siemens SIMATIC IPCs handle complex tasks and multitasking efficiently. 

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Extensive connectivity options, including USB, Ethernet, serial interfaces, and expansion slots, facilitate seamless integration within industrial environments. Siemens’ strong reputation for excellent technical support enhances the reliability of these industrial computing solutions.

Top 4: Axiomtek eBOX Series

Axiomtek eBOX Series emerges as a top contender in the realm of industrial embedded computers, offering ruggedness and reliability for diverse industries. These machines excel in demanding environments, equipped with powerful processors and ample RAM for efficient handling of complex tasks and real-time monitoring. 

Versatile connectivity options, such as multiple USB ports, Ethernet ports, and expansion slots, ensure seamless device integration. The eBOX Series’ durability shines through its ability to withstand extreme temperatures, shock, vibration, and electromagnetic interference. Security features like TPM enhance protection against unauthorized access or data tampering. 

Axiomtek eBOX Series is a solid choice, combining high performance with durability and versatility to meet industrial needs effectively.

Top 5: Kontron KBox Series

The Kontron KBox Series stands out as a top choice in industrial embedded computers, offering robust design and high-performance capabilities for diverse industries. Its versatility allows customization for varying space constraints and demanding applications, ensuring the right configuration with different processors, memory options, and storage capacities. 

The series excels in connectivity with multiple I/O ports and expansion slots, ideal for automation systems and IoT applications. Built for durability, KBox computers withstand harsh environments, temperature extremes, and resist vibration and shock while maintaining optimal performance. 

Security features like TPM support and secure boot options prioritize data protection, making the Kontron KBox Series a comprehensive solution that combines performance, flexibility, durability, and security.

Top 6: Portwell ROBO Series

Competes as a robust industrial embedded computer, excelling in demanding industrial environments. With a range of CPU options, including Intel Core i7/i5/i3 processors, it ensures powerful computing performance for smooth operation in complex applications. 

The series offers expansion slots and I/O interfaces for versatile integration with devices and peripherals. Built for durability, the ROBO Series withstands extreme temperatures and vibrations, ensuring long-term reliability. Flexible mounting options and compact size complement its performance and functionality. 

Exceptional connectivity options, such as multiple Ethernet ports and USB interfaces, facilitate efficient data transfer and communication within industrial networks. The Portwell ROBO Series is a reliable choice, delivering performance, durability, versatility, and connectivity for various industry applications.

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Top 7: DFI EC70A-SU Series

Is a powerful and reliable industrial embedded computer designed for demanding applications. Equipped with an Intel Core i7 processor, it delivers fast and efficient computing performance, making it suitable for tasks requiring intensive data processing or multitasking. 

The series offers a wide range of connectivity options, including multiple USB ports, LAN ports, and HDMI outputs, ensuring versatility in various industrial applications. Its rugged construction allows it to withstand extreme temperatures, shock, vibration, and humidity, ensuring reliable operation in challenging environments. 

The DFI EC70A-SU Series also provides flexible expansion slots for customization based on specific needs, making it a top choice among industrial embedded computers.

Top 8: Vecow ECS Series

Stands out as a top contender in industrial embedded computers, known for exceptional performance in demanding industrial environments. With a rugged design, it ensures reliable operation in harsh conditions, including extreme temperatures, vibrations, and dust. Equipped with Intel Core processors and ample RAM capacity, the Vecow ECS Series offers high-speed performance and seamless multitasking capabilities. 

It provides an extensive range of I/O ports and expansion slots, offering flexibility in connectivity and expansion. The series distinguishes itself with a commitment to long-term availability, addressing the need for extended product life cycles in industrial applications. Advanced thermal management systems, including fanless designs, contribute to reliability and minimal downtime. 

The Vecow ECS Series is recognized for its robustness, powerful performance, expansive connectivity options, long-term availability commitment, and efficient thermal management systems.

Top 9: WinSystems PPC Series

Is a leading choice in industrial embedded computers, known for its robust design and powerful performance across various industries. Notable for its wide range of customizable options, the PPC Series allows users to tailor their computers to specific needs, offering multiple expansion slots and connectivity choices. 

Equipped with high-performance Intel processors, these computers excel in handling demanding applications, showcasing their capability in data-intensive tasks and complex calculations. The WinSystems PPC Series stands out for its ruggedness, designed to endure extreme temperatures, shocks, vibrations, and challenging conditions, ensuring reliable operation in demanding environments. 

With excellent connectivity options, including multiple I/O ports, it proves ideal for applications requiring extensive interfacing capabilities, such as automation systems.

Top 10: OnLogic Industrial PCs

Emerge as a top choice for businesses seeking reliable and robust computing solutions in various industrial applications. With rugged construction, high-performance capabilities, and versatile features, OnLogic Industrial PCs excel in demanding sectors like automation, manufacturing, and transportation. 

These computers are designed to deliver exceptional performance and durability in fast-paced industrial landscapes. The selection of the Top 10 Best Industrial Embedded Computers provides a diverse range of options, each brand contributing unique strengths. When choosing an industrial embedded computer, important factors include processing power, connectivity options, expansion capabilities, environmental resistance, reliability, and overall value for money. 

These top-rated industrial embedded computers, from Sintrones to Advantech ARK Series to Siemens SIMATIC IPCs, offer advanced features and rugged designs to meet the challenges of industrial environments, making them leading choices in the industry.