Experience the magic of the Popilush shaper dress

Experience the magic of the Popilush shaper dress

You saw a beautiful dress on the body of an internet influencer and ran to buy it. The goal was to achieve that feminine shape for you, but when you put it on, you weren’t happy with the result. This is normal with traditional dresses that may not suit all female body shapes.

Everything changes when you choose a body shaper for dress that transforms your body in a matter of seconds like magic. The benefits are enormous, the quality and technology of Popilush products are undeniable and you need to have this advantage in your life. See some examples:

1- Built-In Shapewear Slip Maxi Lounge Dress

The Soft Modal Loungewear 8-in-1 Maxi Dress goes with any type of shoe. With comfy sneakers you create an informal style. If you wear high heels you can have a more formal appearance.

It’s made from soft, breathable modal fabric that keeps you cool all day long. It features butt lifting technology that delivers a perfect BBL effect. The tummy is defined through double-layer waist control.

It has a shapewear body underneath that models your curves in a natural way and does not show seam lines or visible markings, so no one will know that you are using a Built-In Shapewear Dress.

2-Built-In Shapewear Off Shoulder Mini Dress

A strapless shapewear slip dress is perfect for you to attend a wedding, graduation or even a night of dancing and fun with friends. The off-the-shoulder style is a hot trend in fashion this year and enhances the neck and décolleté area.

It is made from highly elastic fabric in 4 directions with a composition of 54% Nylon + 46% Spandex. The double-layer mesh lining shapes your tummy, legs and hips, delivering perfect curves. Furthermore, it has 3D stitching that enhances the buttocks without squeezing. It has cotton lining in the crotch that eliminates the need for underwear.

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3-Pet Hair Resistant Crisscross Back Slip Workout Dress

You can practice physical activity with an appropriate shapewear dress for this purpose. Many women don’t know, but choosing the right clothes when exercising can magnify the effects of your workouts.

This model has comfortable fabric that allows you great movement whether on the sports court or in the gym. The anti-odor properties leave you free from the unwanted effects of sweat and are also quick-drying. The fabric is resistant to pet hair and contains:

  • Exterior/Outside:70% Nylon +30% Elastane
  • Interior/Linning:62% Nylon+38% Elastane

Improved mesh on the waist panel delivers good tummy control. The elastic on the bottom hem of the bra helps lift the breasts and works in conjunction with the built-in bra with removable pads.

Adjustable straps are important as they allow for an ideal fit to your body. The Flare A-line skater skirt gives you a sophisticated look and can be used to integrate your Old Money style look.

Why should you choose a Popilush shaper dress?

The shapewear dresses are versatile and make the modern woman’s life easier. You can have a well-defined body without effort. They match all types of shoes, bags and accessories.

I could list infinite advantages in addition to those we have already seen above, but one of the most important is the empowerment they are capable of delivering in the formation of the female image. You become more confident, joyful and can live every second of your life at full power as every woman deserves.