Anavar for Weight Loss: A Comprehensive Guide


When talking about bodybuilding and weight loss anabolic steroids, the first name that hits the mind is Anavar. This effective anabolic steroid is famous among professional athletes and bodybuilders because of its versatility and safety profile. 

This anabolic steroid is mild but highly effective in burning unnecessary body fat without experiencing common health risks linked to steroid usage. One can easily notice a significant change by comparing the  Anavar before and after female or male fitness measurement chart. 

If you are planning to add this anabolic steroid to your cutting cycle, this guide is for you. You can use it to know everything about Anavar that you must know before embarking on your cutting or fitness journey.

What is Anavar? 

Anavar is an effective anabolic drug, massively popular among professional athletes and bodybuilders because of its bulking and performance-enhancing properties. However, the main reason for its popularity is its women-friendly nature. 

It works to stimulate higher protein synthesis and red blood cell production which automatically results in rapid tissue repair, improved immunity, and an increase in overall body performance. 

Another aspect that makes it a user-friendly choice is that it usually comes in oral form such as oral pills or suspensions. Therefore, it is easier to consume than injecting steroids and demands professional assistance to inject into the body.

Anavar History

Anavar or oxandrolone was first formulated by a pharmaceutical company named ” Searle Laboratories” in 1962 for use in medical treatments. 

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The main purpose of its manufacturing was to treat osteoporosis, excessive weight loss, muscle loss, and various other medical conditions. It gained popularity among bodybuilders after the discovery of its bulking and cutting properties. 

Its mild nature and low potential for androgenic side effects make it the safest choice to streamline bodybuilding journeys. The best thing is that Anavar is one of the rare anabolic steroids that are not banned from use without a medical prescription. 

How Anavar Can Help You to Loss Weight?

Anavar is a highly versatile steroid that can help you enhance muscle growth, improve body performance, gain strength, and burn unnecessary body fat. However, in this guide we are discussing it as a cutting steroid only and providing you with information on how it can help you to reduce body fat;

  1. Increase Metabolism 

One of the main ways Anavar uses to burn excessive body fat is by increasing the overall rate of metabolic reactions. This increase fastens the calories burning even at rest mode and results in the reduction of excessive body fat. 

Along with the rapid burning of calories, it also reduced or ceased the production of excessive adipose tissues to ensure a perfectly lean and well-defined physique. 

However, proper exercise and following the diet plan are highly crucial to reaching desired goals. 

  1. Preserve Muscle Mass 

Another possible way that Anavar can be used to reduce body fat is by preserving muscle mass and promoting the loss of adipose tissues or fats. 

This feature helps Anavar to stay ahead of other cutting supplements or anabolic steroids because other cutting anabolic steroids carry the risks of losing muscles along with fat tissues.

  1. Enhanced endurance 
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The use of Anavar under professional assistance can greatly increase the production of red blood cells. It results in more supply of oxygen to all cells or tosses and enhances the endurance and overall immunity of the users. 

Enhanced endurance enables users to perform more intense workouts and practice more often without going through the distress of muscle fatigue, fractures, and joint pain.

All these three activities of Anavar in the human body make it an ideal cutting supplement for both beginners and professionals. 

Dosage and Cycle 

Regardless of gender and fitness level, strictly following the dosage instructions cycle duration is highly crucial to avoid possible health risks linked to Anavar. 

The cycle length varies from individual to individual depending on their bodybuilding needs and fitness level. Usually, its cycle lasts for 6-8 weeks but female users are advised to consume it only for 4-6 weeks. 

The Anavar dosage mainly depends on the bodybuilding needs, body weight, immunity, or ability to tolerate drugs of the consumers. Usually, professionals recommend taking this anabolic drug in lower quantities for weight loss than muscle building. 

The commonly recommended dosage for beginners is 20-80 mg per day. However, professional athletes can extend it according to their fitness level or body needs. 

Precautions to Avoid Health Risks

Though Anavar is the safest anabolic steroid that carries minimum or negligible health risks, considering some important factors and adopting precautions is essential to go stress-free throughout your bodybuilding journey. 

Know Your Body Needs 

To avoid health risks the selection of the right type of steroid is highly crucial which is impossible without knowing your body’s needs or main reasons for using a steroid. 

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Therefore, careful consideration of your bodybuilding needs can help you to know whether Anavar is suitable for you or not.

Professional Assistance 

Consulting with professional bodybuilders, healthcare experts, and fitness assistants is also a highly effective preventive measure to consume Anavar or any other steroid safely. 

They are aware of the possible health risks and measures to avoid this trouble. Moreover, they can also provide you with dosage and duration instructions.

Possible Health Risks 

Considering potential health risks linked to Anavar is also essential to ensure a safe and smooth bodybuilding journey. When you already have an idea of what you can face after taking a particular steroid you can mentally prepare yourself and adopt preventive measures to tackle such tissues. 

Diet and Exercise 

Along with the use of Anavar, regular exercise and dieting are also important to achieve desired results and avoid health risks. 


Going for PCT or post-cycle therapy before starting the next Anavar cycle is mandatory to neutralize natural hormone production and avoid side effects. 

A Final Word

Whether you desire to enhance your performance or get a perfectly lean muscular physique, Anavar is an excellent choice for you. From versatile nature to health safety and muscle preservation to durability, it has all the properties that a credible, legit, and best weight loss steroid can have. Therefore, it is worth adding to your cutting cycle. 

You can use this guide to better understand each aspect of this effective anabolic steroid and consult a healthcare professional to make a well-informed decision.