A Guide to Non-Touristy Places in Barcelona

A Guide to Non-Touristy Places in Barcelona

On thinking about Barcelona, you may imagine the busy streets of La Rambla, the amazing artwork of Antoni Gaudí, as well as an overcrowded beach. These may be called the trademarks of this vibrant city; however, the city is filled with a lot more things. It is worth visiting Barcelona because it includes non-touristy gems, which can give a more authentic and local experience. Therefore, we can start to discover the less known and secret corners of this nice Catalan town.

1. Gràcia District

One of these is Gràcia, which is at the north end of the town with full artistry and charm. However, it looks far away from the chaos for the touristy. This is a neighborhood in which you will find cozy squares, quaint boutiques (shops), and lots of cool bars and cafes. Wandering for hours in its narrow streets filled with street art and graffiti, creating such a local atmosphere hardly possible in more crowded areas.

2. Poble Nou

You can also go to Poblue Nou to see a different side of Barca beach culture. It’s a vibrant area that used to be a bustling industrial town but can still be visibly spotted in the area’s old factories converted into current spaces. You’ll have the beach for yourself without the noise, plus you can walk around and see what’s popping on the street art scene in this neighborhood.

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3. Horta Labyrinth Park

The Horta Labyrinth Park, lying in the Horta-Guinardó district, can be considered a secret park waiting to be found. The oldest in the town, which provides some calm from the hustle and bustle of the tourists on the beach. Take a tour of the green gardens, statues, and the captivating labyrinth in the park. A tranquil spot where you can sample some of the best Barcelona has in terms of history and nature.

4. El Raval

This neighborhood, however, often passes away for tourists who are ignorant of its multicultural environment. There are also art galleries, vintage stores as well as vibrant bars. This is a great place to observe the rich diversity of the city and how it is influenced by people around the globe.

5. OG Social Club Barcelona

OG Social Club Barcelona is one of the most exclusive cannabis clubs, that will be appreciated by those who want to spend relaxed time and feel close to the local environment. The members-only cannabis nightclub is situated right in the city center where it offers a secure and exclusive venue for potheads.

A simple registration process is available on OG social club Barcelona’s website for people interested in membership. Once you become a member, you will be granted the opportunity to choose from plenty of quality cannabis, an encompassing atmosphere, and friendly staff ready to assist you. This is a perfect location for both seasoned and novice cannabis enthusiasts to explore the city’s cannabis culture while avoiding the typical hassle of being a tourist.

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OG Social Club Barcelona also holds events and parties, allowing you to interact with people of similar interests and lifestyles just like any other cannabis dispensary. This secret place in the center of Barcelona will give you an experience that you won’t easily find in other tourist places when you want to spend your time enjoying good company, high-quality cannabis, or just relaxation.

6. Palo Alto Market

The Palo Alto market is a must for you to visit if you are in Barcelona on the first weekend of the month. On the other hand, the Sant Antoni market is held in an old factory complex in Poblenou that hosts an eclectic blend of craftsmen’s products, antiques, food vendors, and live music. Positively, visiting these events is a fantastic way to dive into the local culture and creative scene.

7. Bunkers del Carmel

Visit the busters in Carmel for breathtaking panoramas of Barcelona, without the tourists. There is a spot at this point offering a round view of the city and it is very common among locals. The most ideal spot to wind up a Spanish sunset with a bottle of Spanish wine and good friends.

8. Mercat de Sant Antoni

Though the Barcelona Market is known globally, many people miss the Mercat de Sant Antoni. A real shopping experience in this historic market that sells fresh fruits, wear, and antiques. Here, you can have a good time and enjoy Catalan cuisine among the locals.

9. Montjuïc Castle

Montjuïc Castle makes an interesting historical adventure off the beaten track. The majestic hilltop bastion gives an excellent view of the city and its interesting past. It is also possible to find your way around the grounds of the castle and to bring your picnic to enjoy the fresh air overlooking the city.

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10. Parks of Collserola

Avoid boredom by getting out of the metropolitan city to admire the natural wonders offered by Collserola Park. It’s a natural paradise with hiking and biking trails, lush forests, and serene picnic spots. The ideal equilibrium of peace and adventure lies on the outskirts of the city, just a stone’s throw away.


Barcelona is a surprise, and its non-touristy places provide a peek into the real traditions and values of the people. Gràcia is also a place worth visiting where you will discover several hidden gems such as OG Social Club Barcelona and the Bunkers del Carmel that will give you unique experiences you will never forget. Therefore, whenever you go to Barcelona, do not miss out on exploring some of the less popular treasures that define the city.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is Barcelona’s OG Social Club?

Ans: At the center of Barcelona lies one of the most popular cannabis clubs, the OG Social Club. It provides a secure environment for marijuana users where they can unwind and appreciate top-notch marijuana products in a favorable setting.

What would you require to join OG Social Club, Barcelona?

Ans: You can be a member by doing registration on their website OG Social Club Barcelona. Registration usually entails giving some personal details and agreeing to the club’s regulations. Being a member allows you to enjoy their services.

Is it possible for me as a tourist to visit the OG Social Club Barcelona?

Ans: No, the OG Social Club Barcelona operates on a membership basis only, and visitors are encouraged to join its membership to get access to their facilities and products. They generally admit residents or the natives of the area.

Do they have age restrictions for membership to OG Social Club, Barcelona? 

Ans: In most instances, one has to be above 18 years, and the ages may differ. Clubs have varying policies about age and it’s imperative to review this aspect during a signup.

From the city center, how do I get to the OG Social Club Barcelona?

The good thing is that the club is easily reachable by taxi or any form of public transport because it is situated in the city center. Ensure you have a map or a navigation app to pinpoint the location since it might be your first time in the city.