Types of Engineered Timber Floors and How to Choose the Best One?


You want everything to be flawless while planning or renovating a space. Planning involves starting with the best flooring options available. Engineered timber floor is an excellent option for your new room, whether you’re establishing an appealing home or an efficient office area. Engineered wood floors are available in several finishes, each offering a different level of protection while also impacting the visual appeal of the floor. However, you still have to make a lot of choices to find the ideal flooring option once you’ve decided on the engineered hardwood. You can sort through all of the intricacies and select a product that meets your ideal layout with this guide on how to choose the correct engineered hardwood flooring.

7 Best Engineered Wood Flooring Finishes:

  1. Oiled: 

An oil-finish oak floor highlights the original wood texture and creates a natural matte look that develops dimension and a refined touch as it matures.to You don’t have to polish a slippery floor; instead, you must ensure regular coats of maintenance oil to nurture the timber and restore its shine.

  1. Lacquered:

The lacquered engineered timber floor finish gives the wood’s top layer a shiny, sleek appearance. You can additionally place the lacquered engineered floor on a wood floor to safeguard it. The lacquered surface will reflect sunlight in your room, allowing it to appear more luminous and spacious due to its shiny, polished finish. Furthermore, lacquer floors are more resistant to sunlight than oiled floors.

  1. Brushed:

A brushed floor refers to one in which you have to polish the planks with a steel brush before installation. This technique brings out the inherent beauty of the timber and gives a lovely, textured look on your new floor. Brushed wood has a wonderful touch sense. You need to use a strong wire brush to remove soft wood fibres from the wood when brushing. You can highlight the remaining tougher wood fibres in this manner. You can do this by hand, but it is commonly done by machine.

  1. UV Lacquered:
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The lacquer gets exposed to high-capacity UV rays when you UV lacquer a timber. The lacquer provides additional protection for the wood in addition to a slightly seamless feel.

  1. UV Oiled:

A board of timber has been subjected to high-capacity ultraviolet (UV) rays if it is UV oil. UV Oiled treats the oil decisively, giving the timber a slightly smooth finish and allowing it to hide any flaws due to deterioration. A slippery floor is somewhat less robust than a coated floor, but it is easier to repair when it has undergone wear and tear. A UV-oiled floor integrates the benefits of a lacquered floor and a slippery floor while also adding additional protection from UV rays.

  1. Hand Scraped:

Hand-scraped flooring may be the right choice for you if you like the appearance and texture of hardwood floors but want something raw or unique. Hand-scraped wooden flooring is a form of engineered timber floor that adds more dimension and grain to the floor. This form of wood flooring, as the name implies, is wood flooring that has been aged, distressed, and faded. Hand-scraped hardwood flooring matches vintage pieces and gives each area a distinct appeal.

  1. Smoked:

You can use fuming or smoking, a wood finishing procedure to darken and emphasize the grain pattern of hardwood floors. The smoking procedure provides the floor with a diverse range of complementary hues that create a distinctive look and limitless possibilities for styling, as no two planks are of the same colour. The fuming process results in durable wood with a worn and refined appearance.

  1. Unfinished:

An unprocessed hardwood flooring is nothing more than unprocessed timber. The beauty of unfinished hardwood flooring is that it gives a wide range of design and colour options, allowing you to create a distinctive design by combining various combinations of wood kinds, plank size, paint, and polish (oil or lacquer). Unfinished timber for sale is the way for you If you enjoy DIY projects.

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Finding the best-engineered wood flooring for your house or company can be an exhausting task, particularly since there are a lot of choices available in the market. However, you could find the ideal flooring choice that suits both your goals and your budget with minimal study and preparation. Here are some suggestions for buying the best-engineered timber floor.

  1. Durability:

Durability is a significant factor when selecting engineered wood flooring. Consider flooring with a high-density base and an extensive wear coating to guarantee that the flooring will survive for a long time. Also, consider flooring that is scratch-resistant and water-resistant if you have pets or children.

  1. Style:

Style is another significant factor to consider. Engineered timber floor comes in a variety of styles, comprising various kinds of timber, procedures, and textures. Choose a layout that compliments the overall look of your home while also reflecting your unique preferences. Discuss with a flooring professional who can assist you in finding the ideal flooring solution if you are unsure about which type to select.

  1. Budget:

You need to consider your budget when selecting engineered wood flooring. While engineered wood flooring is normally less expensive than hardwood floors, the price might vary based on the flooring’s design and craftsmanship. Set a budget and adhere to it before you begin looking for flooring.

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