Meesho Customer Care: Contact Information & Email Details

meesho customer care number

Meesho is an Indian e-commerce platform that sells a wide range of merchandise from its online store, it started in 2015, and has grown to become one of India’s largest online shopping. Meesho offers high-end fashion, beauty, home and lifestyle products. It Provides quality products which makes it an attractive option for people in India and provides us with great deals on our purchases.

Meesho often has very good sales at Indian festivals, in which many people of India buy a lot for themselves, but in the midst of this shopping, sometimes we have to face some difficulties and we also have to contact customer care of Meesho. Today we will tell you in this blog post how you can talk to the customer care number of Meesho and solve your problem.

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Meesho customer care number and email 

You do not need to go to their website to contact the customer care of Meesho; here, we are providing all the customer care numbers of Meesho, with the help of which you can call them or email them and solve your problem. You can solve your problem by telling them

Meesho customer care Email: 

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Meesho customer care Contact Number: 

Meesho has recently stopped the service of its customer care calling number, but you can request Meesho for a call by going inside your order from the Meesho app and pressing the option of call me back, you will get a call back from this number : 08069320000 Which you can receive and ask about your problems or about your orders You can contact Meesho’s customer support team from Monday to Sunday between 10:00 AM to 7:00 PM

How to Contact Customer Care through Meesho App?

First of all, you have to go to your Meesho app and login with the ID with which you have placed the order.

After logging in, you can go to your account and click on the help centre above and choose the option of calling me back. After selecting this option, the team will contact you from the new number.

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Meesho Social Media Profiles: 

Here we are also sharing the links of Meesho’s social media profiles, with the help of which you can go inside their social media profiles and message them personally and ask them any query related to your problem or your product.

Facebook : Click Here 

Twitter : Click Here 

YouTube : Click Here 

Instagram : Click Here 

Linkedin : Click Here 

We hope that you will be satisfied with the information given above, if you still have any problem, then you can tell me in the comment below, I will try my best to answer all your questions. Thank you very much for visiting our website.

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