Get NCWC Inc Phone Number for customer Support

NCWC Inc Phone Number

NCWC Inc. is a leading provider of automotive service contracts, also known as extended warranties, to drivers across the United States. If you’re looking to contact NCWC Inc. for any reason, you might be wondering what their phone number is. In this blog, we’ll provide you with the information you need to reach NCWC Inc. by phone.

NCWC Inc. Phone Number

Department Phone Number
Sales 800-599-9557
Customer Service 800-599-9557 x500
Claims 800-599-9557 x505

The phone number for NCWC Inc. customer service is (800) 599-9557. This is a toll-free number that you can call from anywhere in the United States. When you call this number, you’ll be prompted to select from a number of options that will direct you to the appropriate department. You can choose from options such as sales, customer service, claims, and more.

When to Call NCWC Inc.

There are several reasons why you may need to call NCWC Inc. Here are a few examples:

  • Requesting information about the company’s service contracts
  • Getting a quote for an extended warranty
  • Checking on the status of a claim
  • Reporting an issue with your vehicle
  • Requesting assistance with a service-related problem
  • Following up on a job application

It’s important to have all relevant information on hand before you make the call, such as your contract number or vehicle identification number (VIN), to help the customer service representative assist you more quickly and effectively.

Other Contact Information

In addition to the phone number, there are other ways to get in touch with NCWC Inc. For example, you can visit their website at to submit a contact form or email. The website also has a live chat feature where you can chat with a representative in real-time.

If you prefer to contact NCWC Inc. by mail, you can send your correspondence to the following address:


P.O. Box 389

Rocky Mount, NC 27802


The NCWC Inc. phone number for customer service is (800) 599-9557. Whether you’re a current customer, a prospective customer, or a job seeker, this number can help you get the information and assistance that you need. You can also visit their website or send them a letter by mail. Just be sure to have all relevant information on hand before you make the call or send your message, so that you can get the most out of your conversation with the customer service representative.

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