How to Maintain a Positive Attitude in Down Times

The best thing you can do is to keep an optimistic outlook when things are tough. You can either keep a bright outlook or adopt a pessimistic one. Going negative is typically seen as the simple and almost natural course of action. The greatest way to get through tough circumstances is to keep a positive outlook, yet doing so calls for discipline and life management.

You must first believe in yourself, the most important person in the world, in order to keep a good mindset. If you have faith in yourself, you will also have faith that there is a purpose for your existence and that various occurrences will take place in your life.

Additionally, you are aware that these events—many of which are out of your control—occur for a reason. This could be as straightforward as developing character or getting you back on track to your place in the world.

For survival and the achievement of your aspirations and goals, it is essential to keep a positive outlook during difficult circumstances, whether they involve the loss of a loved one, a friend, a family member, money, or a job.

There are a lot of things in our life that are not under our control – weather, time, people, traffic, etc. If we cannot control them, we need to learn to accept them as they are. All we can do is take control of what is under our control – our attitude, our thoughts, our self-talk and the way we react to these situations.

What we think about, what we say to ourselves and the way we act it out is all part of the law of attraction, and is under our control. We can attract positive or negative outcomes. Which would you prefer?

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Obviously you would prefer positive outcomes. Therefore you need to take control of your thoughts, self talk and reactions to maintain a positive upbeat attitude and positive outcomes.

To maintain that positive attitude, you need to be very aware of what you are thinking, saying and doing. You need to catch yourself in the act of self pity, self criticism, jealousy, anger, etc.

Then you need to X out that thought, saying or action and replace it with the opposite – a positive thought, saying or action. That is how you maintain a positive attitude, by taking control of the things that are under your control.

Keep in mind that maintaining positive attitude requires awareness at all times because only when you are in our conscious state can you accept or reject thoughts, self talk or actions.

If you are not aware, and do not reject negative thoughts, they will end up in your subconscious mind. Once it hits your subconscious mind, you do not have the power to reject or accept.

It has already been accepted and now goes to work with the laws of nature to attract those thoughts, self talk messages and achieve success and results into your life.

By making awareness part of your daily discipline you will have the opportunity to take control of your life and attract the circumstances and outcomes you want, as opposed to the outcomes you do not want. So, take control and be aware!

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