Rich Lifestyle in United Kingdom

You will find some of the most riches, wealthiest, and successful people in the UK as London is the World’s global hub. When it comes to London, Mayfair is often tagged as London’s most luxurious area, and for good reason. Each year rich people contribute a considerable sum to the UK’s economy through their extravaganza spending to maintain their luxurious lifestyle.

Lifestyle of the Rich

Let’s have a look at the lifestyle of the rich in the UK:

  • Homes

One of the biggest symbols of riches is their homes, as they are keen to show off their wealth and social status. Therefore, due to their enormous wealth along with the peaceful times, they build grand stately homes. Like any other country or place in the world, there are specific areas where only rich people live. Similarly, in the United Kingdom, they prefer to live in Windsor, Berkshire, Oxfordshire, Surrey or Buckinghamshire.

Moreover, you can identify the home of a rich person as they prefer to style their homes in the letter ‘E’ or ‘H’ symmetrical pattern. For example, Longleat House, Hardwick Hall, and Burghley House of Elizabethan. They prefer to have many windows (an expensive luxury) and decorate their homes with woodwork ornate and rich tapestries. Besides, their homes have grand landscaped gardens.

  • Clothing and Fashion

From ancient times clothes have of a great deal to distinguish between rich and poor. You will never see a truly rich person wearing cheap material clothes. Elizabethans prefer to buy expensive clothes that are made from a luxurious material. Moreover, royal court and courtiers placed a great emphasis on the importance of fashion and thus, spent large sums of money on clothes.

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This desire of rich people to look super expensive in their clothes gave birth to the idea of luxury brands. You will see the rich in the UK wearing these luxury brand’s clothes, shoes, watches, and jewelry daily.

  • Education

You might wonder how education can distinguish between rich and poor. However, children of rich people are often taught by the tutors at home. Moreover, they prefer to go to private institutes/ schools where only people of their class study. And when it comes to selecting a university they prefer to go to universities like the University of Oxford or the University of Cambridge.

  • Transportation

Rich people prefer to travel in their cars. However, in the case they are unable to bring their cars they would use a taxi which is considered a rather expensive option for travel, unlike public transport. No matter what they do you will be able to see their social status. Many of the elite rich in the UK have their private jets and yachts as they don’t prefer to fly on the mainstream airlines.

  • Travel

Rich London kids prefer to spend their holidays in some luxurious holiday destination. They prefer to travel, party, or relax in some of the most luxurious and expensive places on their holidays. You will see them traveling to Japan, Mykonos, and Koh Samui and partying on their yachts, and shooting champagne guns.

  • Entertainment

You will find many rich people who love to watch or take part in different sports. Some of the most sporting events by rich people of the UK are sailing competitions, horse races, golf tournaments, and football. Moreover, they go to exclusive and elegant bars among which most of them are invited only to party and spend a relaxing time there.

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Besides, spending a relaxing day in a spa and wellness center is also one of the most sought-after leisure activities among millionaires. Exhibitions for art, fashion, photography, luxury goods, automobiles, gourmet events, and boutique openings are bound to have an appearance of riches.